Why You Should Hire Veterans

Hiring Veterans

Here at TPGS, we proudly support our veterans. We are honored to work with those who have served as they transition into civilian government contractor jobs and careers. With a wide variety of federal government job opportunities available through TPGS, we have been able to hire large number of veterans into careers that fully utilize their unique strengths.

TPGS recognizes the character it takes to serve, the expertise our veterans have as a result of their service to our country, and the strength that these individuals exhibit each and every day. We truly enjoy working with veteran talent to find the government contractor opportunities most suited to their backgrounds and experience. Here’s why we feel so strongly that veteran talent is a special resource:

Veterans Make Great Team Members

When it comes to the type of sensitive work found in the intelligence community, it’s important to know you have team members you can count on. Veterans are used to working closely with others and being accountable for their actions. They know how important is to have a team you can count on to complete a mission thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Furthermore, veterans are used to putting their trust in their leaders and working with them to maintain team cohesion. This is a valuable skillset whether you are looking to fill defense contracting jobs, cyber security jobs, software engineering jobs, or something else entirely. In addition, many veterans also have experience managing and supervising other people, which may be a good fit if you need to fill a managerial role.

They Are Goal-Oriented

When a mission had lives on the line, these are the people who did everything they could to ensure the mission was completed successfully. Veterans are used to working under pressure to complete important goals and they will not balk at a difficult deadline. These are people used to maintaining schedules and following a strict code, so they are absolutely ready to move into a civilian career with the same type of high performance standards.

As part of this mindset, veterans are excellent at performing jobs that require an adaptable nature. Missions don’t always go according to plan, so they learn early on how to adjust course in order to compensate for unexpected challenges and setbacks through creative solutions.

Ethical and Discreet Mindset

Veterans have a strong sense of duty that goes hand in hand with a commendable work ethic. Many federal contract jobs require exactly this type of mindset due to the extremely sensitive nature of the work. They have proven themselves time and time again throughout their service and they have relevant experience, so they are a natural fit for the intelligence community.

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