USGIF GEOINT Symposium 2016 Recap

USGIF’s GEOINT Symposium is the preeminent event of the year for the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities and the nation’s largest gathering of industry, academia, and government. This past May, thousands made their way to Orlando for GEOINT 2016, where there were more than 260 exhibiting organizations, 60 hours of training sessions with accredited CEUs, and an exciting agenda of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. The event provides attendees a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts, share best practices, and uncover the latest developments from government, military and private-sector leaders.

Robert Cardillo, NGA Director, kicked off the event and delivered a thoughtful keynote speech addressing the NGA’s Strategy and focus-People, Partners, Profession, and Value. With a positive outlook, Cardillo engaged and encouraged the audience to move to the Cloud by the end of the year 2017. He challenged listeners to reject outdated ideas regarding the value of open source data, and gamify technologies and solutions that encourage teamwork in ways that add value to the industry and create constructive competition. In addition, Cardillo stressed the importance of enhancing customer relationships, and embracing new technologies.

By way of an action plan built on engaging partners in Silicon Valley to “leverage the organic capabilities and energy of the Valley’s open, vibrant, geospatial community,” Cardillo continued to set an example by affirming his dedication to delivering new technologies and advancing the industry. Cardillo indicated that plans focused on profession had been set in motion for the past few months and that they would rededicate themselves to, “excellence in our craft – to include the standards that will create a community. Our GEOINT Professional Certification Program is now mandated at NGA and for the Services. Even the Director has to be certified.”

Filled with innovative ideas, Cardillo’s speech highlighted the value NGA initiatives for 2016/2017:

  • Agreement between NGA and USGIF in order to provide respective professionals with functional and equivalent certifications
  • Object Based Production (OBP) environment transition  where important information can be obtained from the frame of an image
  • The automation of manually intensive workflows through the Structured Observation Management (SOM) framework in an effort to detect patterns and behaviors
  • Partnership with GSA to improve the Commercial Initiative to Buy Operationally Responsive GEOINT for easier purchasing of data and services
  • Investments in In-Q-Tel to improve effectiveness in the commercial space and make the necessary enhancements to cyber security

Director Cardillo’s words resonated closely with the TPGS family when he began to address People. He spoke about the struggle with the clearance process that many of us know all too well, the launch of the OD2 professional development initiative, and spotlighted multiple Government employees and one contractor. TPGS’ very own, Brian C., is a key member of the NGA College, Learning Technologies Branch. Brian and his team have been shepherding the transformation of the College through a laser focus on the mission and attention to detail instrumental to the successful launch of On Domain, On Demand (OD2). He went on to spotlight the personal stories of several teammates including a 3-D Animator, an Interactive Developer, an Application Developer, the Deputy Director of IARPA, and an Editor. But not just ANY Editor, this Editor, Amelia C., is a member of the TPGS family!

While this speech only grazes the surface of the contributions that TPGS team members are making, we recognize the dedication and impact that each and every member of the TPGS family is making to their team(s), Agency, and customer mission(s). These efforts help to keep our great nation safer and more secure and we appreciate your contributions!

Source: NGA