Jobs for Veterans

Jobs for Veterans

TPGS is a proud supporter of veterans and works with those who have served as they transition into their civilian careers. With an array of job opportunities in the federal government, we’ve been able to hire a vast majority of veterans with careers designed to bring out their greatest strengths.

At TPGS we recognize the character, expertise, and strengths that lie in our veteran candidates and strive to match them with opportunities that they are best suited for. Employing veterans from all backgrounds, experiences, and qualifications, we work to bring the brightest veteran talent to federal agencies.

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Featured Veteran Testimonial

TPGS has been like a family to me from the beginning. The network of support within the company is unmatched in today’s industry. TPGS cares about their veterans. From the top to the lowest level, the TPGS team has personally helped me transition my military skills into a great new position. As a veteran Marine, the camaraderie between my co-workers is very similar to my experiences while active duty. Everyone at TPGS is very approachable, easy to talk to, and genuinely cares about my career and my ideas. I have been afforded the opportunity to implement new ideas and programs, travel, and socialize with my coworkers. Many of us share a common military background, so the TPGS team knows the jargon and efficiently deals with challenges. Because of the excellent work ethic, core values, and wonderful people, I am team TPGS for the long haul.






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