How To Retain Top Cyber Security Teams

Top Talent is Critical to Government Cyber Security Teams



As we begin to analyze 2015 IT security across both public and private sectors, it is becoming increasingly clear that planning and implementing more robust cyber security measures is critical to our nation’s safety. In order to develop, implement, and continually monitor the vast array of cyber-attacks and new malware viruses hitting IT systems you need the best cyber security teams available – and you need to keep them there! Below are a few ways leaders can help recruit and retain top security talent in 2016.

Analyze Your Current Line-Up

The first step to retaining great talent is to ensure you have highly skilled team members with complimentary skill-sets. Don’t just assume that the team you have in place is the right team for 2016, especially if you are struggling to maintain systems security. That may mean changing job descriptions, restructuring departments or shuffling employees based on their strongest qualities. Unfortunately, the reality is it may even mean you have to let some of your current team members go no matter how long they’ve been with you or how close you are to them.

Analyze What You’re Currently Offering

Is your current compensation package attractive in comparison to competitors in the marketplace? This can be a struggle for many agencies facing budget cuts and small business owners that are operating with limited funds. After you have evaluated your team’s skills, experience, and value to the team research the current market conditions. See what your competitors are offering. If you find that IT Security Professionals are better compensated in other companies or organizations, it may be time to analyze your budget and reallocate funds.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

The technology landscape is changing rapidly. Our cyber-adversaries and their tools are adapting. For this reason, continued training for security professionals is a must! To develop a well-rounded team and cyber security program, we are seeing an increasing need for specializations not needed in years past. Offering your employees the chance to take professional development and education courses keeps them feeling refreshed and challenged – while the benefits to your organization are obvious. These highly technical and driven professionals seek chances to hone their skills – if you cannot provide that to them, they will find it elsewhere!

Allow Room For Growth Within

Organizational and financial constraints regularly put roadblocks in an employee’s path to promotion. If this is the case for you, don’t let it stop you from offering other growth opportunities for your employees. Incentives such as working with new technologies, taking on “team lead” responsibilities, or leading new projects. Most employees will find great personal and professional satisfaction in this alone and are happy to wait until the financial hurdles are cleared for them to gain an actual title change.

Allow For Downtime

Information security is already well-known for being high-stress and as learning curves and public awareness grow that stress increasingly leads to burnout. In fact, a 2010 survey conducted by the founders of found that 13 percent of those surveyed were considered in a “red flag” area for burnout. Due to the accountability these professionals carry with them, it’s not hard to understand why it happens. By offering and approving downtime for those employees flagged in your organization, you not only increase productivity but create a feeling within your team that leadership cares about more than just the mission objectives.

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