Resource Operations Center

A state of the art approach to delivering the industry's best resources.

TPGS Resource Managers are not HR personnel – They sit at the line level and are aligned with the TPGS customer mission they support. TPGS Resource Managers are incentivized to identify and retain the best resources for our classified programs, as quickly as possible. TPGS incentivizes everyone on our team to focus on mission accomplishment –Rapid Response.

Resource Managers

The Best Resources: Resource Managers go through a rigorous training process to understand our missions and sourcing in the cleared space. TPGS Resource Managers are the best in the industry at finding, hiring and retaining cleared personnel. Rapid Response with the right resources.

Resource Operations Management

Intensely Managed: Metrics-driven processes in place for TPGS Resource Managers to ensure Rapid Response to our programs’  personnel needs. The TPGS sourcing process is driven with twice-daily meetings to ensure resources are being screened and hired as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

We don’t believe in just “recruiting” our resources. We believe in Resource Operations.

Resource Operations
  • Acquiring and Retaining the Best Resources
  • Responding as quickly as possible to our mission needs – Rapid Response
Our Team
  • Resource Management sits at the line level and is not a function of HR.
  • TPGS Resource Managers go through a rigorous vetting and training process – Less than 5% of applicants  become Resource Managers
  • TPGS Resource Managers are the best in the industry at hiring and retaining resources in the cleared-community
Our Methodology
  • Proactive recruiting –TPGS Resource Managers are constantly creating relationships and building a pipeline of cleared personnel for talent that fits within our core capabilities
  • Metrics driven – TPGS Resource Managers are held to the highest standard of success. Resource Operations meets twice-daily to go over priorities, requirements, metrics and retention.
Our Structure
  • TPGS is able to provide extremely competitive compensation packages to  TPGS employees, thus allowing the ability to hire the best of the best to support our missions.