Hot Jobs: Test Engineer

Test Engineer

An integral part of the government support team, Test Engineers are responsible for planning, implementing, testing, documenting, and maintaining solutions to make network systems more protected, responsive, and effective. Performing software and network tests and tasked with creative problem solving, test engineers demonstrate a unique set of skills that are key to government agencies.


As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Test Engineering remains a steadily growing field. With a 3% projected growth through 2024, Test Engineers can expect to see an average of 2,400 jobs added per year.

Job Description

While new software and hardware increasingly utilized by government agencies, many of the processes from legacy systems are found to be repeatable. That being said, adapting to newer technological applications can prove to be an easy transition for many Test Engineers within the intelligence community.  Regardless of the software and hardware being used, as a Test Engineer within the government sector you can expect to be responsible for the following:

  • Planning, implementing, documenting, and testing solutions
  • Testing of custom developed and COTS/GOTS components, elements, subsystems and/or systems
  • Establishing functional and technical standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • End to end tests to validate functionality
  • Diagnosing/troubleshooting systems

Education, Skills, and Clearance(s)

While holding enhanced analytical and problem-solving skills, experience and talent do play a role in the hiring process, for the vast majority of Test Engineers a four-year degree in the field of Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, or Statistics is required. For many government agencies active and current TS/SCI with polygraph is also required. Fortunately for many Test Engineers looking for a career in government, some agencies can sponsor new clearances for the role.

Employment Opportunities

The Test Engineer role continues to be an in-demand position. At TPGS we are continually looking for candidates looking to work as a Test Engineer within a government agency. To learn more about the qualifications and view our Test Engineer job openings, click here.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics