The Future of NGA West (N2W)

Proposed Site For NGA West In St. Louis



The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) is reviewing sites to determine a locations for the rebuilding and modernization of the NGA West Campus. A series of planning studies and economic analysis determined that it will be less costly, quicker, and less disruptive to build a new campus than to modernize current facilities. Many of the structures at the current site date back to the mid-1800’s and would require a massive overhaul to meet the structural needs associated with a new construction. Implementing current and evolving technology infrastructures would be near impossible to build securely and addressing ongoing maintenance issues would be an unacceptable expense.

NGA plans to create a modern, technologically-advanced campus that will allow us TPGS and it’s business partners to meet their geospatial intelligence mission. The search started with 186 potential sites and has since narrowed down the choices to four, with St. Louis likely being the winner. The agency anticipates moving from its current location at 3200 South 2nd and Arsenal Streets in 2021.

Building a new NGA West campus is critical to maintaining the NGA mission in St. Louis and will provide an opportunity to support the long-term vision for geospatial intelligence over the next several decades.

A final decision is expected to be released in the Spring of 2016. It’s important to note for those readers intimately involved with the NGA that all 2nd Street operations are planned to continue as scheduled throughout the transition.

Overall, the move to St. Louis will allow the NGA to postition itself to meet future mission requirements through robuse IT infrastrutures and collaborative workspaces. It is the best decision considering long-term mission objectives, tax payer expenses, and national security initiatives. Keep up to date on the move here or visit their website at

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